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Project Description


RESCUE will capture the dynamics and drama of disaster response, giving the audience an insiders view of a truly remarkable force for good in a world that is increasingly in need of it. From the individual civilian at risk for their life adrift at sea to a massive natural disaster threatening thousands of lives, there is a mechanism and resources in place to help save lives. Oddly, the instrument of hostility, the military, is even more often the instrument for saving civilian lives on both a smaller and larger scale.

Our story takes place in the U.S. and Canada, countries whose military are frequently called upon to support humanitarian crises. In the U.S., the USAF maintains and operates a large fleet of unusually equipped cargo aircraft, the C-17, originally designed to move troops and huge military assets to remote parts of the battlefield in support of combat troops.

In fact, these unique airplanes and their crews fly far more humanitarian missions than military missions, carrying everything from Pararescue professionals and the helicopters or vehicles needed to rescue civilians from harms way to medical supplies, food, and even bulldozers to begin the job of rebuilding after disaster strikes.

In Canada, ships originally designed for combat support missions are really vessels employed for peaceful means when called upon by domestic or foreign governments, often working with NGO’s to provide relief for troubled nations in remote parts of the world. Disaster Response commands are in place to deploy appropriate resources to trouble spots at a moment’s notice, often requiring split second decisions with many lives at stake.